10 Reasons Bloodborne Is Better Than Dark Souls III

It may be the best Dark Souls, but it can't beat Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Fiery Beast

Lock your doors, turn off your phones and prepare to die over and over again, because Dark Souls III is finally here.

The long-awaited - and possibly final - Dark Souls game is already earning acclaim from fans and critics for its improved combat, stunning graphics and absurd difficulty level that players just can't get enough of. Gamers everywhere are still working their way through the title's nightmarish journey, and word is out that Dark Souls III improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way.

That's great, but the game that Dark Souls III is really going to be compared to is Bloodborne. Developer FromSoftware's brilliant spin-off of the Dark Souls franchise blew away just about everyone when it hit the PS4 in 2015, and in many ways set a new standard for the Dark Souls franchise despite being a spin-off. It's a standard that even Dark Souls III falls short of.

As brilliant as Dark Souls III is, it just can't match the greatness of Bloodborne in these ten critical ways.


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