10 Reasons Bloodborne Is Better Than Dark Souls III

10. The Incredible Chalice Dungeons

Bloodborne Ebrietas
Bloodborne Wikia

While there€™s an argument to be made that Dark Souls III€™s main story is just as long as Bloodborne€™s, the chalice dungeons of Bloodborne add hours upon hours of additional gameplay that Dark Souls III cannot match.

Chalice dungeons are optional areas within Bloodborne€™s main hub world. They essentially turn the game into a roguelike experience by offering randomly generated dungeons that get increasingly more challenging as you play.

You can easily get just as many hours of play out of this optional mode as you can from the main game. Even better, it puts just enough of a twist on the experience to feel like an entirely separate game built within Bloodborne€™s engine.


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