10 Reasons You Should Move To PC Gaming

Because this next-gen console lark isn't all it was cracked up to be.

The latest generation of consoles have been upon us for the last few months and so far they€™ve proven to be mostly underwhelming. From disappointing launch titles that were laughed at by critics to the hardware failures that have affected some users, they've had a bad press. Heck Microsoft even managed to release the Xbox One lacking most of the interface features, like easy access to achievements, storage space and friend lists, that were done so well on its predecessor. So what do you do if those brand new consoles don€™t really appeal to you? Maybe you could stick with your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. They still both have games releasing for them, just look at Dark Souls 2 coming next month. But sooner rather than later developers and publishers will be looking to move on. Well perhaps you should take this opportunity to leave consoles behind forever and move onto PC gaming. You€™ll no doubt know a friend who revels in talking about the €œPC Master Race€. He€™ll always be talking about how much better they are gamers than the latest offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Thing is, he might just have a point. Here are 10 reasons for why you should consider moving to PC gaming.
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