10 Reasons You Should Move To PC Gaming

10. Cost

Now you€™re probably thinking that buying or building a gaming PC is expensive and will cost much more than buying a console. That might have been the case a couple of year ago. However consoles are no longer that cheap. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are going to set you back over £350 each. For that sort of money you can build your own PC (don€™t worry, it€™s way easier than it sounds) that can run most modern games on better settings than consoles can. If you€™re willing to stretch to around £500 you should have absolutely no problem at all in having a machine that will be able to run almost every title on maximum settings. So for the same price as either console you can have a custom gaming setup that can do everything they can do, with the added bonus of it being a PC that can also be used for everything other than gaming. Even if you want the full living room experience that can be achieved easily. Services like Steam have built in modes that are tuned to work with televisions rather than computer monitors. It works out even better in the long run as you won€™t have to buy a brand new machine every couple of years because of€
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