10 Reasons No Man’s Sky Is Finally Worth Playing

Space may be the final frontier, but is it finally fun to explore?

no man's sky
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It's no secret the launch of Hello Games' procedurally generated exploration game was a complete and utter public relations disaster. A rush of refund requests and an investigation by the UK based Advertising Standards Authority into claims of false advertising highlighted the dismal start for the game.

No Man's Sky was lacking in depth, reward, or really, any reason to play, a disappointment for many who had hopped aboard the hype train prior to its release. There was seemingly no way to bring the game back from the reputation it earned early on; a reputation that was compounded by weeks of silence from Hello Games founder (and No Man's Sky hype man) Sean Murray.

Some players stuck it out whilst others left in droves, but over the course of the last year, Hello Games has continued to diligently alter and redesign virtually every aspect of the game.

Now, after three major - and free - updates (titled Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises, respectively), No Man's Sky's newfound variety is enough to cater to each player's unique space exploration aspirations. Finally, we have a game that is fun, challenging and rewarding to play.

10. New Game Modes

no man's sky
Hello Games

The first major game update (titled the Foundation Update) split the game into three distinct game modes, catering to a much wider audience and fixing the complaint that gameplay was far too easy - especially once you began to upgrade your suit and starship.

Still available is the base Normal mode everyone experienced on launch. Added are game modes for those looking for an extreme challenge and those simply looking for restriction free space exploration.

Creation allows you to craft and explore with no limits or risks. Costs are removed entirely from the game as is any risk of death or destruction. It’s a mode made to allow users to express their creativity.

Survival ratchets up the hazards and handicaps the user with limited supplies and resources. Death results in the loss of all your current inventory and surviving requires a great deal of precise resource management.

A fourth game mode - called Permadeath - was added during the Pathfinder update; it's the ultimate challenge, maintaining the extreme danger and limited resources found in Survival mode while adding on another element of danger. In the event you meet your demise, all progress is wiped out completely. You won’t find a “reload at last save” option here.

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