10 Reasons No Man’s Sky Is Finally Worth Playing

9. Modular Base Building

no man's sky
Hello Games

Living in caves and/or your pilot seat is no more! One of Hello Games’ best improvements to their game has been the implementation of modular base building that came with the first major update, Foundation. Subsequent updates have added additional structures and enhancements that continue to flesh out your base building options.

Find and claim an unoccupied base on any planet you chose and begin constructing your own unique structure using the extensive list of modular structures at your disposal.

You can use your base for research, farming, or simply a place to park your exocrafts. The options are nearly endless and the design is almost completely up to your creativity. Plenty of colour and design elements allow for even more creativity.

Pathfinder's update now allows bases to be shared with other players across the No Man’s Sky universe too, so your perfect home can display all its creative glory to all who stumbles upon your claimed home world.

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