10 Reasons The Division 2 DESTROYS Anthem

Flawless victory.

The Division 2 Anthem

The Division 2 has been out for a short while now, and coming mere weeks after the release of EA's enormously disappointing Anthem, expectations were high that Ubisoft's looter shooter would pick up Anthem's genre slack.

Thankfully that has more-or-less been the case, with The Division 2 basically showing EA's troubled live-service game how it's done.

Now in fairness, it's not a totally one-sided victory for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. Both games could certainly benefit from a greater enemy variety and a more compelling story, and on the positive end of the spectrum, they both look and sound fantastic.

But in terms of giving players a wealth of dynamic, entertaining and addictive content that'll keep them coming back for more, The Division 2 is an effortlessly superior value proposition to players, and if you can only play one, there's no question which.

While Anthem quickly crashed and burned upon release, The Division 2 has enjoyed a rock solid launch that touts strong promise for the future. Anthem could pull a No Man's Sky and redeem itself one day, but don't hold your breath...


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