10 Reasons The PS4 Will Always Be Better Than The Xbox One

9. System UI That Actually Works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYenXFLkKRo Speaking of the Kinect - such is its anchor on Microsoft's head, dragging them under kicking and screaming - much of the XO's interface was built with it in mind, actually forcing you to use voice commands to access certain menu functions or features. Obviously now they've rolled out a few patches to allow for better controller navigation, but you can't deny what a phenomenally large oversight creating this thing with voice activation in mind was in the first place. The PS4's HUD is admittedly not the greatest rework of the XMB, but it's definitely far, far more functional than the One's - and that's not understating the simple point that the entire thing can be operated from either your controller or the mobile app if you want to save on battery life.
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