10 Reasons Watch Dogs 2 Is One Of The Best Sequels Ever

10. Online Is Completely Revamped

Watch Dogs 2

When the original Watch Dogs was released, a feature that Ubisoft constantly promoted was the idea of a 'seamless online experience', transporting you from single player to multiplayer, all whilst loading players into your ongoing game. It ended up being more of a nuisance than anything else, constantly interfering with the gameplay and offering no true reason to play it.

Watch Dogs 2 tweaked this aspect to make it actually enjoyable, adding co-op missions which are essentially like hideouts the player(s) can clear out to get large amounts of money or Research Point rewards.

The unique opportunities to hack other players that were present in the first game also appear here, but are significantly more fun due to the inclusion of the drone and RC Car. This makes it much easier to locate whoever is hacking you and deal with them.

Although it certainly isn't perfect and can still be considered an 'interruption', the online aspects of Watch Dogs 2 are much improved over that of the first game. You can even customise what your online character looks like now, which is something fans initially requested from the get-go.


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