10 Reasons Why PES Is Better Than Fifa

9. Master League

Fifa 20 Vs PES 2020

Pro Evolution's most famous mode is still here and for those that like to play offline with the set starting teams it is still the best place to do so on a football game.

PES and Master League go hand in hand, going all the way back to International Superstar Soccer it has been an ever present. The idea is simple you take a team play through their seasons, buying and selling players as you go.

While offline single player modes have taken a back seat in sports games over the years, it is still has a place for the many gamers who are happy to face off against the CPU.

The latest edition in 2020 saw the introduction of famous former players as managers to bring that further bit of realism to your career.

However, it is the gameplay offline that is the real reason to keep coming back to the main offline mode. As opposed to FIFA you can still really enjoy games against the computer which makes Master League an appealing option for players.


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