10 Reasons Why We Love The First Two Bioshock Games

9. The Splicers

the splicers

The main enemies of the game, the splicers are given touches of personality. They still wear clothes and form sentences. Some are wearing masks almost like a reference to Poe. This makes them alternate between creepy and pathetic depending what they say. The player is reminded that within the game, they began as people who were ruined by their addition to plasmids. Despite this, they can still be difficult to defeat when they sneak up to attack the player. There are the annoying Houdini splicers which can be tricky to take down especially if you are trying to get the bonus for getting a photo of them. Bioshock 2 has the Brute Splicers which are one those enemies where you have to keep throwing everything at them to get rid of them.

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