10 Reasons Why We Need A Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Remake

Fans should be excited about the prospect of Capcom revisiting this underrated gem.

Alexia Ashford Resident Evil

Everyone was a little disappointed - and surprised - not to get at least a whiff of news about another Resident Evil remake during the showcase back in January. Instead, we got a close peek at Resident Evil Village and a playable demo.

In hindsight, it’s completely understandable; Capcom wanted to focus on the eighth mainline Resident Evil, especially with its release date being so close.

Looking beyond Resident Evil Village though, rumours suggest Resident Evil 4 will be next to get the remake treatment (although recent reports suggest it may not release until 2023).

However, we need to fight the corner of one of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.

In terms of popularity, CODE: Veronica probably sits somewhere in the middle with fans and critics alike; it’s fondly remembered while not being up there with the classics of the franchise.

The Resident Evil remakes have gained a reputation for being the finest remakes in the entire video game industry; they seem to have a keen understanding of what the fans want, while not being afraid to make changes that will improve upon the original games. With this ethos in mind, I think there’s a strong argument why a CODE: Veronica remake could be a roaring success.

10. Strong setting

Alexia Ashford Resident Evil

Claire Redfield is captured while searching for her brother and is transported to Rockfort Island; a remote penal colony established by Umbrella somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Unluckily for her, Umbrella has also been furthering their B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapons) research on the island, using the prisoners as guinea pigs. By the time Claire wakes up the T-Virus has already run riot throughout Rockfort Island, transforming the inmates and guards into zombies and worse.

CODE: Veronica was also one of the first Resident Evil games to include a diverse variety of locales: prisons, graveyards, gothic mansions, an Antarctic base - and of course - the obligatory lab appears for good measure too.

The latter portion of the game has Chris Redfield retracing Claire’s steps through these same environments. And while some of the areas change for Chris’s section, the remake could double down on that aspect and rendering those once familiar areas unrecognisable, adding some extra tension to the game’s second half.


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