10 Reasons Why We Need A Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Remake

9. Unique enemies

Alexia Ashford Resident Evil

Many of the usual monsters turn up in CODE: Veronica such as zombies, Hunters, and what is hands-down the scariest version of giant spiders in all the Resident Evil games (they manage to be both upsettingly bulbous and spindly).

However, CODE: Veronica also featured some unique enemies that were never to appear again in the series.

The most unusual of the bunch was the Bandersnatch. Essentially a failed Tyrant, the Bandersnatch resembles a more stunted version of its big brother. The monster has one huge arm that is able to stretch across entire rooms to grab the player and pull them in close.

It was a cool idea, but the visual design was lacking; the Bandersnatch looked more goofy than scary - a bit like a plastic toy that had been partially melted. The creature’s extend-o-arm made the enemy seem even more toylike and undercut some of its menace.

However, with a grislier redesign - such as the Hunter Gamma got in the RE3make - the Bandersnatch could be made into something terrifying.


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