10 Reasons You Should Be Playing The Elder Scrolls Online

9. All DLC Is Included In Most Bundles

ESO Thieves Guild.jpg
Bethesda Softworks

Over its time, ESO has had a multitude of expansion DLC for the game and in terms of quality they are some of the finest. Containing some of the most tightly knit areas with some of the most entertaining and fun quests, the DLC is more than worth the money needed to buy it. Featuring the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, the DLC can live up to the previous level of quality attributed to these questlines in previous games.

With each DLC adding a new area to the large open world ready to be explored, alongside a bounty of new quests and features. With new skills lines added in both the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, you get access to some of the more unique and interesting abilities.

Not to mention that there is currently a deal to get all four of the major expansions for only fifteen pounds. When the DLC launched, they were all around ten pound a piece and now they come at a fabulously cheap price, so there is no excuse to worry about getting your money’s worth.


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