10 Reasons You Should Give No Man's Sky Another Chance

The latest foundation update is a HUGE game changer.

no man's sky
Hello Games

It’s safe to say that, if you were eagerly following the development of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, you would have been disappointed when the game was released back in August.

In the game, you are tasked with exploring a largely uncharted universe to the tune of 18 Quintillion planets... no pressure. But when it was released, the game left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths. They felt that the game had over promised on what the procedural generator, the algorithm charged with creating all the universe and everything in it, could actually achieve and, without a main storyline, the goal of simply exploring wasn’t enough.

But wait, NMS developer Hello Games have announced a brand new, totally free update that has added numerous features to the game. So many more features in fact that many of those disappointed players might just want to give No Man’s Sky a second look.

Here are ten reasons you should give No Man’s Sky a second chance.

10. Better Graphics

no man's sky
Hello Games

Let’s be honest, No Man’s Sky looked pretty good when it came out. Embracing the soft pallet of Isaac Asimov book covers rather than the harsh realism of most modern RPGs.

But, from the rendering of textures to the way the light now catches certain surfaces, the graphics have taken a step up again. I’ve seen solar eclipses and they way the light looks is nothing short of amazing. To give weight to flying around in space Hello Games have introduced motion blur so when you take off from a space station or fly low over a planet things will whizz past you as opposed to making it feel like the world is moving around you.

There’s also been a concerted effort to reduce jagged edges from what are supposed to be smooth surfaces which means basically means that straight edges look straight. God is in the detail right?


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