10 Reasons You're Wrong About Mass Effect 3's Ending

Four years on, maybe we can finally take an objective look at this?

mass effect 3 ending

Somebody was going to do this eventually. And so, theorder of the day, dear reader, is to play devil's advocate in a defence case not even Johnnie Cochran would touch: the Mass Effect 3 ending trial.

The following few pages comes to you from someone who did nothing other than try to enjoy the much-maligned conclusion to the series, and who was not moved to hate it by any of the arguments found online.

To that end, even after the extended cut was releasedto appease the angry masses in 2012, some gamers just weren't (and still aren't)satisfied. Is it the perfect video game ending ever seen? Maybe not, but does that make it a complete failure as well as grounds for consumer action?This is rather harsh. Did I say €œrather€? I meant €œmedievally.€

True, the majority of complaints are perfectly rational conversation-starters, but not arguments for completely ruining the whole trilogy. For the most part, the real problem seems to be that after having our socks knocked off for two and a half games, we could accept nothing short of abig finish blowing our legs clean off at the knees.

So read on, as Ipoint out ten reasons why maybe, just maybe, everybody has been too hard on Commander Shepard's last stand...


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