10 Recent Gaming Trophies That Totally Trolled You

High on Life made you kill a kid for a sweet, sweet 'cheev.

High on Life
Squanch Games

There's no denying that trophies and achievements are part of modern gaming's lifeblood - they keep players engaged with a game for longer as they obsessively chase down each and every last of the digital "rewards."

And while the majority of trophies are given out for completing levels, discovering Easter eggs, and so on, sometimes developers keenly toy with players and their commitment to unlocking achievements.

These 10 recent video games, in one way or another, all trolled 'cheev-hungry players. Perhaps the trophy itself was a wink-wink mockery of achievement culture, or simply required players to do something completely ridiculous in order to pop it.

Elsewhere maybe it was just insanely, unreasonably difficult, or even proved controversial enough to actually get removed by the developers.

Whatever the reason, these 10 achievements left players either laughing, screaming, or frowning at the game for how thoroughly it messed with them and their precious 'cheev tracking.

And yet, there will always be those ultra-committed players who will go the extra mile to unlock them, regardless of what they have to put themselves through in the process...

10. Beauty, Fitness, Mindfulness & Meditation - Goat Simulator 3

High on Life
Coffee Stain Studios

Goat Simulator 3's mere existence is basically an act of trolling the player, especially as developer Coffee Stain Studios never bothered to make Goat Simulator 2.

The surprisingly fun sequel spends most of its time mocking Ubisoft-esque open-world games, sending players on ridiculous fetch quests and making them do intentionally repetitious tasks in order to progress through the story.

And the developers' disdain of the modern gaming industry evidently extends to our tireless fascination with achievements, too, as best embodied by the "Beauty, Fitness, Mindfulness & Meditation" 'cheev.

This secret trophy can be unlocked by simply planting your hooves on a yoga mat inside the yoga studio and sitting through a whole yoga session. Yup, that's it.

It takes about five minutes to trigger, so you're best advised to go brew a cup of coffee, make a sandwich, or go to the bathroom to kill some time.

But if you do hang around and listen to the yoga instructor's hippy-dippy dialogue, it'll eventually transition into him suggesting that you actually won't get any tangible reward for standing still. In the final minute of the sit-down, he says:

"You've been sitting here for four minutes, thinking about you might get a little surprise, a little trophy for your wonderful game. A little token that you might be waiting for, for spending your precious time on this unique little thing. I don't know, because nothing matters, it doesn't matter what you get at the end. You might get nothing, you might get everything. So just think, be, accept yourself, and you will see it, you will be there. You will reach it, whatever it is you desire to reach."

And just then, as you hit the five-minute mark, the achievement pops. Glorious.


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