10 Recent Video Game Bosses Who DESTROYED Players

We know The Undertaker is a legend but... come on.

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Video game bosses have to be tough, because their purpose is to test the player. Yet, there are some that make you scream, cry, or hurl the controller across the room.

M. Bison. Shao Kahn. Yellow Devil. Mike Tyson. These bosses are from older consoles, and their difficulty is usually tied to the limitations of the hardware at the time.

Since modern consoles have vastly superior hardware, their games should have easier bosses... right?


Modern bosses are as hard as they've ever been. The enemies in this list are not just difficult; they're cheap. You can't defeat these guys by spamming attacks or maxing out stats. Instead you need patience, luck and strategy to put this lot down for good.

Since bosses may rely on sly tactics or instant-kill moves, you can't even fight them honourably. You have to use every trick and overpowered attack at your disposal to defeat them.

We will be looking at all kinds of foes on this list including regularly bosses, final bosses, and secret enemies that were inserted into the game solely to challenge die-hard players.

Although these bosses are very different in their tactics, they all share one quality:

Embrace the meaning of the words "punishing difficulty".

10. Azazel - Tekken 6

Undertaker wwe 2k14
Namco Bandai

The final boss of Tekken 5, Jinpachi, has a reputation for being one of the most unfair bosses in any fighting game. Due to his unblockable moves and cheap combos, players were tearing their hair out while fighting him.

How could a boss be less fair?

How about one that is bigger than the entire screen? In Tekken 6, the final adversary is the screen-filling demon, Azazel. He is so massive, it is almost impossible to dodge any of his devastating attacks.

In most fighting games, you need to rely on heavy combos to defeat a foe. It doesn't matter how powerful they are; once you start hitting them with a ten-hit combo, they're screwed, right? This tactic doesn't work with Azazel, since he has combo-breaking moves.

He also has a nasty habit of spamming an attack where crystals shoot out of the floor. Even if you are blocking, this move will rip you to shreds unless you're crouching.

The only saving grace for this battle is Azazel's size can work against him. He's so big, you can strike him with a mid-attack even when he's lying on the ground.

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