10 Recent Video Game Moments That Pissed EVERYONE Off

Who didn't smash their controller during these moments?

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No matter how perfect a video game appears, it always has the power to get under our skin. Resident Evil 4, Skyrim, and Breath of the Wild are hailed as masterpieces, but that doesn't mean you're not going to lose your rag, especially if you're spending countless hours on titles like these.

Of course, such issues can be subjective. You might find a game too hard, while another player thinks it has the right amount of challenge. You may think the puzzles are too easy, while someone else may need to look up a guide every five minutes.

Having said that, there are certain moments in recent games that managed to vex everyone. Even if you enjoyed the rest of your playthrough, you found yourself seething at these tedious mini-games, cheesy dialogue, cheap bosses, annoying characters, and anticlimactic endings.

Now, we know we shouldn't let a video game make our blood boil. At the end of the day, it's merely meant to serve as a source of entertainment. But when you look at these infuriating moments in contemporary titles, you can understand why they pissed off so many people.

10. Lipless' Song - Guardians Of The Galaxy

Mr Freeze
Square Enix

Look, there's nothing wrong with a bit of cringe. Parks and Rec, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Office have entertained millions of viewers with their embarrassing humour.

However, it's tricky to find the right balance with this shtick, as can be seen in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. For the most part, the banter has the correct level of awkwardness. But there's one exchange that's unbearable to watch.

Depending on your actions while arriving at Mantlo's bar, an alien called Lipless pulls a gun on Star-Lord. If you steer the conversation in a certain direction, Lipless will start singing out-of-tune, while our space hero feebly attempts to improvise some lyrics. Although this sequence is meant to be intentionally cringey, you're not laughing with the characters or at them. In fact, you're not laughing at all, since this sequence isn't clever or witty.

When the song starts to wind down after a minute, you're relieved this uncomfortable scene is over.

Without warning, Lipless starts up again, carrying on with his ridiculous melody for another two minutes. When Rocket asks the bartender for a cocktail stick to "poke my ears out," you feel the same way.

If you think this song isn't that bad, try listening to it on Streaming Mode, which replaces all licensed music with... unbearable silence.


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