10 Recently Confirmed Truths You Didn't Know About Famous Video Games

Ubisoft quietly confirmed THAT Far Cry 2 fan theory.

Gta 5 ending

Video games are inarguably the most dynamic form of entertainment media there is. Gaming may still be in its infancy compared to books, TV, movies, and music, but its interactive, expansive potential also makes it the most exciting art being made today.

One of the greatest things about video games is that, generally speaking, no two players will have precisely the same experience, and the Internet being everywhere now, it's incredibly easy for players to share their discoveries online for all to see.

It's thrilling to see deviously hidden secrets and shocking truths about great games be revealed, whether by an enterprising player who stumbles upon it, or a developer who willingly drops the veil of secrecy themselves.

From revealing insanely obscure Easter eggs to confirming fan theories and even offering up dishy inside baseball information, these revelations ensured you'll never view these 10 games quite the same way again - for the better, mostly.

If you somehow figured any of these out yourself, have a pat on the back, but for the overwhelming majority of fans these burning truths will come as quite the surprise...

10. James Is Staring At YOU In The Intro - Silent Hill 2

Gta 5 ending

Even if you've never played Silent Hill 2, you're probably familiar with the extremely iconic image of protagonist James Sunderland staring at himself in a grotty bathroom mirror.

Except, back in the summer of 2020, a member of the Silent Hill subreddit posted a brightened version of the image which revealed a disturbing truth: James is actually looking at you, the player.

The wider implication of this is totally up for debate - some suggesting it represents a guilt-ridden James' inability to look himself in the eye - and naturally fans were sent into a tailspin as they considered that the unforgettable visual wasn't quite what they believed it to be.

Though the game's art director Masahiro Ito initially dismissed the claim as the work of fans with overactive imaginations, he later added that Silent Hill 2's cinematics director Takayoshi Sato would know either way for sure. Sato hasn't yet chimed in on the issue, sadly.

For many fans, though, the truth seems pretty damn clear when looking at HD images of the scene: James' eyes are obviously looking past himself to the viewer.

Was it merely a cheeky Easter egg hidden in plain sight, or a spookier nod to the delicacy of the fourth wall in the Silent Hill series?

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