10 Regular Enemies That Look Intimidating But Are Actually A Bit Rubbish

Big muscles do not always a badass make.


It is an unwritten rule of video gaming that bigger equals more dangerous. For game after game and boss after boss, it is often the biggest and most intimidating enemy that proves to be the greatest challenge. The rule extends even to regular enemies. Think of Bioshock’s Big Daddies, Fallout’s Deathclaws, and Half-Life’s Striders, and becomes obvious that threat level can almost always be reliably gauged by size, sheer force of presence, or both.

Bigger is, however, not always better, and many a big, scary lump of a thing has been laid low by the simplest of means. The result can be an encounter that is unintentionally hilarious, far more trouble than it is worth, that fails to live up to the hype, or ends up little more than a barely noticeable bump in the road. Whether by developer oversight, direct intent, or through the good old gamer habit of finding an exploit, sometimes the big fight ends up being less of a bang than a fizzle.


With the breadth of gaming this list could easily go into the hundreds and is by no means definitive. Even so, here are ten enemies you were worried would bring down a storm, but could hardly cough up a puddle.


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