10 Resident Evil Games That Desperately Need A Remake

REmake, REmodel, RElease.

resident evil Code veronica

Resident Evil is one of the main staples of gaming, dating back to the mid '90s, and has been enjoying a second wave of big time success.

After some rather shaky outings on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the series finally feels like it's back to what it does best: Scaring you silly. The seventh and eighth instalments have managed to ramp up the terror with a shift in tone and changing things to a first person perspective. Simply by restricting what players can see leaves them more vulnerable than ever.

However, a large chunk of the acclaim has been thanks to the excellent remakes of both two and three. Managing to balance the gore, horror, sense of dread as well as the OTT action, both fit in nicely with the legacy of quality established by the excellent remake of the original game back on the Gamecube.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to go through the back catalog of Resi games and give some of them a well deserved touch up.

It's not just about changing the perspective; the atmosphere could be tweaked, obtuse puzzle and level design could be fixed, and madcap experimental ideas could finally work.

10. Resident Evil Gaiden

resident evil Code veronica

Chances are no one really remembers this entry, and with good reason. The nicest thing you can say about this Game Boy Color side story is that it's an interesting take on the franchise, however, you can totally see what they were going for.

Set on a boat and given a top down perspective, developers decided rather than try to downgrade and fit a large game on to smaller, less powerful, hardware they played to the Game Boy's strengths. Combat enters into a first person perspective and sees players trying to beat a rhythm style mini game to dispatch zombies. It could have worked, but it's too fiddly and eats up resources.

There's a pretty good story, surprisingly, and it's one of the few times players can take control of the bearded Barry Burton, pairing him with Leon S. Kennedy too.

They could redo this one in the style of the new remakes. But maybe now would be a good time to try and successfully pull off a new isometric Resident Evil game? This would be especially good on today's handheld consoles.


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