10 Resident Evil Games That Desperately Need A Remake

9. Resident Evil

resident evil Code veronica

Alright, yes, it's already been remade, and very nicely, too. However, folks have been born and risen into adulthood since then.

There's no reason not to give the original (that kick started this whole survival horror thing) the same treatment that its sequel received.

The original remake saw huge additions that managed to improve... well, everything: new areas to explore, new enemies and bosses, new behaviour patterns for existing enemies. The sharks were actually scary, not just aggravated flounders that spent more time flopping on the ground, pathetically. It's a huge fan favourite for a reason.

So, who doesn't want to explore the Spencer Mansion in 3D with all the new tricks Capcom have learned up till now? Imagine a Crimson Head/s or Lisa Trevor being able to follow you every where in the mansion, like Mr. X; or, if the giant snake Yawn needed more strategy than just running in circles. What if you actually had to get in the water and swim with the giant sharks?

There are definitely more games that NEED a remake as the original still holds up incredibly well despite its age and limitations. That still doesn't mean it wouldn't be one of the best.


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