10 Retro Christmas Video Games To Fill Your Stocking

For a blast of nostalgic fun that will get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Christmassy video games are a rare breed, and when you take away those games with a Christmas level then they become few and far between.

Thankfully for the Christmas fanatics amongst you, there's still a long history of games to rummage through. Amongst them you'll find a few retro titles to get you in the mood for Christmas, and they'll be cheaper to grab a hold of than a PlayStation 5. Well, most of them will.

The video games in this list would make perfect stocking fillers for the retro gamers in your life, or better yet, to treat your fine self to some pixel powered festive fun. After all, nostalgia plays a big part at Christmas time. So do yourself a favour, relive the time you opened that present under the tree which turned out to be a Super Nintendo, blow the dust out of those cartridges you've left in the attic, and take a trip down memory lane. Christmas is about memories, and these retro Christmas video games will bring them flooding back - both the good and the bad.

10. Christmas Lemmings

Home Alone Nes

Here's one for the older gamers out there, as we go back to a festive spin on a retro classic. Lemmings is one of the most widely ported and successful games ever made, featuring on consoles ranging from the Amiga to the Sharp X68000 to the Super Nintendo. In addition to sequels that followed this wildly successful game, there was also a series of smaller releases between 1991 and 1994 known as Christmas Lemmings.

They began with demos with just a few extra levels in 1991 and 1992, before receiving two full releases in 1993 and 1994. The gameplay for these festive additions remains unchanged from the base Lemmings game, where you have to prevent anthropomorphic lemmings from walking off the edge of many a cliff. Except this time the little buggers are wearing Santa suits in a snowy landscape.

As addictive as the game can be, it may not be the most child friendly for Christmas, because nobody should have to explain to the kids why you've just sacrificed one Lemming for the good of the pack.

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