10 Ridiculous Adult Jokes Hidden In Video Games

Don't get cocky.

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Video game easter eggs are almost as old as the medium itself, with Atari's famous 1979 title, Adventure, including a hidden nod to lead developer Warren Robinett, marking one of the earliest known cases of a secret that players could discover.

Games take a ridiculously long time to make - even "basic" ones like Adventure - and when you've been toiling away on this one specific product for months or years of your life, it's probably hard to resist the temptation to hide things within the code that players might not even find, just for the hell of it.

And clearly, there are quite a lot of extremely horny video game developers out there, because a lot of titles feature some decidedly adult hidden secrets that players have encountered over the years, from penis-shaped platforms to some questionable lines of dialogue - and even a shockingly kinky sound effect.

Hey, we're not here to judge: there's obviously something that developers find very appealing about putting adult jokes in their games, even if the title in question is supposed to be aimed at kids.

10. Rewarded With Nudity (Strikers 1945)

Banjo kazooie

Arcade shoot 'em up Strikers 1945 is set in the aftermath of World War II, where a shady organisation called CANY suddenly emerges and starts wreaking havoc with powerful super-weapons.

In response, an elite pilot squad - the Strikers - is formed to combat this new threat.

As you can tell, the game doesn't care much for historical accuracy, and considering its shockingly lewd hidden ending, it doesn't care much for common decency, either.

If you do well enough throughout the game - getting gold medals on every mission and trying not to lose any lives - you'll be rewarded with pictures of the (mostly female) pilots standing around with their clothes ripped off.

There's no in-universe reason as to why this happens, either. It's just an extra bit of (weird) fun for those who have mastered the game. So git gud!

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