10 Ridiculous Adult Jokes Hidden In Video Games

9. The Bone Formation (Apex Legends)

Banjo kazooie

When slick battle royale Apex Legends launched in February 2019, it came packing just a single map - Kings Canyon - for players to shoot their way across.

It's an absolutely huge arena full of nifty points of interest (like the Mad Max-inspired Thunderdome) that are begging to be explored, but during their time spent roaming the map, players probably didn't expect to come across a sight like this.

One of the most popular areas of Kings Canyon is Skull Town, which got its name due to the enormous skeleton that surrounds it. This skeleton is fully-climbable too, so players can get up high to dodge enemy fire, or use it as a vantage point for sniping. And right at the top lies this oddly-shaped formation of bones, which started doing the rounds online not too long after the game launched.

Now, given that this formation only looks like a penis from a certain angle, it's hard to say if it was intentional or not, but given that there's also some phallic imagery in Apex's second map, World's Edge, this whole thing is starting to look like less of a coincidence, and more of a running gag on developer Respawn's part.

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