10 Ridiculous Arguments Against The Biggest Games Of 2013

Think GTA V glorifies violence and sexism? Think again.

The year of gaming in 2013 was one for the history books, with several major releases quite rightly sitting among the very best video games ever released. The birth of a new generation of consoles with the Xbox One and PS4 also ensured a new visual benchmark was set, one which should make 2014 a very exciting year to be a gamer indeed. That said, we as gamers are a pretty pedantic bunch, and we can't help but nitpick even when a game totally blows us away. Still, the year has seen its share of ridiculous declarations as far as the biggest games of the year go, ones which started significant "debate" (or more accurately, profanity-laced arguments) among gamers on both sides. Are first-party titles for the new generation just glossy show reels? Is GTA caught in a tailspin? Are too many franchises becoming "casualised?" Here are 10 of the most vocal complaints about the big games of 2013, and why they're nothing but totally ridiculous. Of course, if you for some reason actually agree with these arguments, feel free to pipe up (without profanity!) in the comments section.

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