10 Ridiculous Arguments Against The Biggest Games Of 2013

10. Killzone: Shadow Fall Is A Glorified Tech Demo

When discussing the best looking games currently available on the Xbox One and PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall is frequently the game mentioned as the most visually splendid, largely because it's one of the few games, along with Forza Motorsport 5 and Need for Speed: Rivals, that actually looks remotely next gen. Some have been quick to claim that the game, like so many launch titles, is really just a demonstration of the PS4's impressive lighting and particle effects, while the story and gameplay suffer as a result. To these people, I ask, "Have you even played Shadow Fall?" Easily my favourite PS4 game so far, the latest Killzone game may be far from perfect, with its dodgy checkpoint system and relatively forgettable plot, but the visceral gunplay is not so easily forgotten, and then there's the real icing on the cake by way of the superb multiplayer suite, which leaves Call of Duty: Ghosts' comparatively mild offering trailing in the dust. Shadow Fall does a huge service for launch titles, and will be spending much time in my PS4 in the coming months, as I try to hoover up those 1500+ challenges online.

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