10 Ridiculous Arguments Against The Biggest Games Of 2013

9. Saints Row IV Is Too Dumb For Its Own Good

Complaining about Saints Row IV being too silly and stupid is like whining about oxygen giving you life. Believe it or not, there are apparently some people out there who feel that GTA IV's more serious tone was preferable to the more playful stylings of the previous games (and the pleasantly lighter tone of GTA V), and so when they saw a sandbox game boasting Saints Row IV's level of insanity, they just couldn't handle it. To them, it tipped the balance too far in favour of gratuitous nudity, violence and superhuman, physics-defying action. But that's what's so great about Saints Row IV. It takes the sandbox game and imbues it with an irreverent, off the wall, cartoony tone that's sloppier, messier and less clever than GTA, but still likes to occasionally wink and nod to players. To call Saints Row IV dumb is to miss the point. It might be busy, chaotic, noisy and insane, but stupid it certainly isn't, or at least not in any way that makes it less fun to play.

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