10 Ridiculous DLC Extras Video Games Expected You To Pay For

You want me to buy more game for the game I've already bought...?

Breath of the Wild

Downloadable content (or DLC from hereon in), isn't an inherently evil concept. Back in the days of PC gaming, we'd call them expansion packs. This is because, surprisingly, they would be an additional expansion onto the full game you've already bought.

Over time, and the increase of digital downloads on the whole, developers saw this as a means to put out extra content for console games, too.

For the most part, it works well - except when you're asked to pay to add a section from the middle of the game you've bought, or even fork out for the true ending. Or you fancy a change of character in your beat 'em up, but you can't buy them individually.

This is made even worse when they're already on the product you've bought, and you have to pay more money to unlock them.

Whilst some publishers have reined this behaviour in a bit, their earlier crimes are still a testament to how low the industry has sunk over the years.

DLC should be something optional, a little dalliance on top of a product you've already paid good money for. Not a practice to fleece you out of some extra pennies.

10. Train Simulator 2014 - Insane Amounts Of DLC Costing THOUSANDS

Breath of the Wild
Dovetail Games

When it comes to pricing a piece of DLC, there's no set rule. However, you're not normally expected to pay about twenty times what you paid for the base price of the game.

Apparently someone didn't tell Dovetail that, as the final sum total for every train and track in Train Simulator 4 would run you up a hefty total of about $10,000 (about £7.5k).

Which, when you take a moment to think about it... is absolutely batsh*t.

It was nefarious because naturally, it wasn't all one DLC with a price tag that steep. But when you sat down and added up how many little pieces become the whole, it was staggering.

It also makes you wonder who would love trains that much...

What didn't help matters was the community behind Train Simulator that put out so much content for free that really highlighted the insane mark-up of the game's paid content.

Thankfully, Dovetail have gone on to better themselves with recent releases, hopefully with the shadow of this debacle serving as a reminder to never do it again.


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