10 RIDICULOUS Plot Twists From Recent Video Games

9. Bugsnax Are Parasites - Bugsnax

Half Life Alyx
Young Horses

Taking one cursory glance at Bugsnax, you'd never assume it was anything more than a harmlessly cute little adventure game where you explore a mysterious island while collecting as many of the adorable titular creatures as possible.

But as anyone who's played the game to completion knows, all those half-joking pre-release theories about Bugsnax being a secret horror game were far more on the money than anyone could've ever anticipated.

Once players finally track down vanished explorer Lizbert Megafig at the end of the game - who is now a giant creature made of various Bugsnax - they learn the eyebrow-raising truth, that Bugsnax are parasites which turn anyone who regularly eats them into Bugsnax themselves.

The game's final sequence involves the player trying to rescue as many of the residents of Snaktooth Island from the attacking Bugsnax as possible, as marks a major tonal deviation from the rest of the game.

It's certainly a well-executed twist, but for a game marketed on its cutesy, colourful appeal, it was quite the shock indeed.


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