10 Ridiculous Rumours You Believed About Pokémon Games

Have you ever searched for Mew under a truck?

There are few video game franchises that can boast a similar cultural and industry impact as that of the Pokémon games. First created in 1996, what would soon become an international phenomenon began with the release of a pair of Game Boy games. Almost two decades later, and Pokémon is still immensely popular, spawning a successful anime series, blockbuster movies and a huge range of merchandise. Pokémon kicked off its popularity in the West with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue for the Game Boy portable gaming console. The games allowed players to traverse a large fantasy world unlike any seen before. The idea of capturing monsters to fight in your own party and pit them against other €˜trainers€™ was excitingly compelling, instantly turning an entire generation into lifelong fans. With the incredibly popularity of the Pokémon games, it€™s only natural that a number of urban legends and rumours were widely circulated. This list takes a look at just ten of these ridiculous rumours, primarily from the early days of the Pokémon phenomenon. From the supposed existence of legendary Pokémon, to non-existent hidden areas, there€™s a good chance you believed at least a few of the rumours listed here.
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