10 Ridiculous Video Games Based On Horror Movies

Weird, wonderful and worrisome in equal measure.

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Horror movies and video games are two sides of the same coin. Whether they're creepy psychological brain-bogglers or simple survival of the fittest, both offer up a whole range of nightmares for you to dive into and get lost in. And both mediums are more than happy to share their terrifying concepts with each other, too.

Games become movies, and movies become games, with inspiration drawn from across the board to make horrible experiences for our own self-sought misery. And whilst horror is a genre built for the scariest of scenarios, it also is a breeding ground for absolutely ridiculous concepts.

Just one look at the Resident Evil movies will confirm this for a start, but there's a whole load of film to game adaptations that serve equally as bizarre entertainment up. From particularly messy vampire slaying to some iconically corny murder investigations, these are the video games that took a dip into Hollywood's trash pile and came out all the more weird for it...

10. Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge

dead rising 4
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Pumpkinhead, bless him, was never the most popular of horror movie monsters to begin with. Whilst the original film is a solid 80s effort with some fantastic practical effects, it's only in the years since that it's been upgraded to a cult movie and fans have recognised its worth - but that didn't stop developers from cranking out a game based on the far inferior sequel.

Bloodwings is a weird little Doom clone peppered with video clips taken from the movie, designed as a first-person shooter that you bumble through whilst trying to avoid flying bat skulls and big pixellated eyeballs. Make no mistake about it, this is not a good game, but it is one thats existence is so strange it almost begs you to play it.

While the idea of Pumpkinhead's vengeance demon being getting a jazzy video game title is a good one in theory, this game's confined corridors of what look like deadly rotisserie chickens and pixellated movie clips prove that it's a title best left alone.

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