10 Ridiculous Video Games Based On Horror Movies

9. Saw 2: Flesh And Blood

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Did you ever watch Saw and think "Hey, you know what I'd really love? To get the real immersive experience of gouging out my own eye. This whole movie thing just doesn't cut it, hand me the scalpel, damnit!" Me neither. But someone did, and that someone crafted a game that allows you to experience Jigsaw traps in all their glory as you attempt to unravel the mystery of Michael Tapp's father's death - murder mystery meets some good old fashioned murder, hey?

This title has done the rounds for its bad, bad gameplay, but it makes this list just for the sheer oddity in creating a game that puts you in the heart of a world of Saw traps with none of the true moral questioning and gory stakes that the films set up.

It's a clear cash grab title, with Konami defending their choice to have a franchise built around the 'visual intensity' of its horror whilst also, you know, making a game that's comprised of chunky blocks stitched together to do so. At least it provides some campy good fun by virtue of existing at all.

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