10 Saddest Heroic Sacrifices In Video Games

8. Halo: Reach - Noble Team

Halo Cortana

Spin-offs are always a fun exercise in media because they give audiences the opportunity to see a story from an entirely different perspective. And outside of Halo 3: ODST, we as gamers hadn't really seen the UNSC's war against The Covenant from any other eyes apart from John-117.

And Halo: Reach (or just Reach for short) stands on its own merits and further by giving the players control over Noble Six and playing alongside a heroic Spartan outfit.

In classic Halo fashion, the deaths come at a glorious price where our heroes (and you the player) fight until the very last bullet and when they can't shoot anymore, they pistol-whip and grenade throw until that health-meter hits zero.

To cherry-pick which one of the deaths of these characters impacted us the most might be something of a challenge since they're all either very unexpected or just plain sad.

What's emotional about all the character deaths is each of them has brief snippets of a personality hidden behind their glossy helmets, and despite knowing they'll all meet their maker at some point in the near future doesn't make the pain of watching them each sacrifice themselves throughout the game.

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