10 Saddest Heroic Sacrifices In Video Games

7. L.A. Noire - Cole Phelps

Halo Cortana

Cole Phelps was never the most likable of characters to play.

Aside from being somewhat bland, and lacking many traits we would associate with a hero, it could be said he was difficult to relate to. With his marriage fallen apart due to infidelity and the flashbacks to his time during the war, reveal him to be something of a coward, rooting for him throughout became a chore.

That is why it was surprising in the end to see him sacrifice himself to save Elsa and Jack Kelso. He was always a methodical figure, and in a way we believe him to always look out for number one. But as the waves came crashing down, he surprised us all and his death comes as a blink-and-miss shock.

A redeeming moment for sure, and maybe that was his arc all along?

At his funeral, a eulogy is given by one of the very men who sought his downfall. Only Elsa balks in protest against them, even Jack Kelso backs down from the fight, and what saddens us the most is that the corrupt cops and politicians he was up against never got what was coming to them.

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