10 Saddest Video Game Endings Of All Time

9. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

With their mother already drowned at sea, Naia and younger brother Naiee set out to find the Tree of Life to save their sick father. The bond between the cooperating brothers is made all the stronger by the unique control mechanic where the player controls each brother with a designated analogue stick on the controller. Each brother literally cannot progress without the other, solidifying their dependence on one another.

So it is all the sadder when the girl they rescue turns out to be an enormous, grotesque spider and, despite the brothers defeating her, Naia is mortally wounded, proving once again that spiders are the route of all evil!

The two venture on to the Tree of Life and Naiee climbs the tree to find the water, but is too late, his brother succumbing to his wounds before he can drink. Although Naiee makes it home, overcoming his fear of water and healing his father, the time we spend bonding with the two brothers, witnessing how they were two halves of a whole, makes Naia's death all the harder to bear.


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