10 Scariest Video Game Moments Nobody Saw Coming

"Welcome to Andale. Winner of the 'Best Town In The USA' contest..."

Outlast Whistleblower The Groom
Red Barrels

Every gamer has been there: it's midnight, you're off work the next day and somehow deem it a good idea to play the latest horror title with the lights off and the headphones on. Suddenly, a jump scare has you reaching for every lamp in the house and that copy of GTA V.

There are no scares in Rockstar's world, right?

Not so fast, because even the wacky world of Grand Theft Auto likes sending a shiver up your spine. Game companies must have a deal with toilet roll manufacturers or something, because those crafty swines just love scaring the hell out of us. Sometimes, even horror games you already know will be frightfests end up surprising us along the way.

We all know what to expect when we pop a certain video game into our console of choice, even if the already fits into the horror genre. That only makes it all the more chilling when scary moments happen completely out the blue, though if you didn't laugh at yourself, you'd cry...

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