10 Scariest Water Levels In Video Games

*plays Sonic drowning music*

Sonic Drown

Having a fear of water, especially deep water, open water, or water where you can’t see the bottom, is super common. As a result, it’s not surprising that plenty of game devs have decided to exploit that and design some truly terrifying water levels.

Whether there’s something else in there with you, the fear of drowning, or the fact that your movement is massively slowed, being under the surface might not be your idea of a fun time. These games absolutely nailed it on the water fear factor. And should probably be avoided if you’ve got Aquaphobia or Thalassophobia or Megalohydrothalassophobia.

That’s the fear of large things underwater and not a word I had to subject myself to reading out loud while writing this list but we got through it together.

In today’s list we’re covering everything from the water-dwelling monsters that scared you in high definition, to the traumatising water levels that made you pray for no more water levels when you encountered them as a kid.


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