10 Scariest Water Levels In Video Games

10. Aqua Ring - Resident Evil HD

resident evil HD

Kicking off the list on a pure survival horror foot, we’re talking Resident Evil for the GameCube, and I’m betting if you’ve played the game you know where I’m going with this.

Welcome to the Aqua Ring, keep your gun out of the water, do not stop moving, and I hope you aren’t afraid of sharks. You venture into the secret locale after uncovering it beneath the mansion’s guardhouse.

It’s flooded which isn’t great, there are huge ass sharks swimming around which is really not great, and they’re T-virus augmented which is the three for three we were not looking for. Initially, the arena is eerily quiet except for the splashing of waist high water but that’ll be broken pretty quickly by your own frantic cursing.

It’s hard to not feel a little like a Jill sandwich in this level as there’s very little space for you to move so the sharks inevitably make lunch meat out of you once or twice.

This is already bad enough, but don’t worry, there’s an even bigger shark you need to take care of before you can escape this nasty nightmare zone. At least there’s an absolutely horrifying orchestra crescendo that escalates to let you know you’re about to be fish food.

You do get to electrocute the big boy assuming you finish the level’s puzzle in time, just don’t let him take you out in one bite first.


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