10 Sci-Fi Games To Play While Waiting For Mass Effect 4

How about we play some greats while Bioware get their act together?

deus ex human revolution

Mass Effect, as a franchise, has a lot to answer for.

Setting up a massive world for us to get engrossed in, whilst giving us literal galaxies to explore was incredible. The saga of Commander Shepard and their battle against the Reaper invasion is one for the history books.

And yes, whilst the third game lowered the bar a tad, the overall scene that the trilogy set was truly a masterclass in peak Bioware. Then Andromeda happened, and then Anthem came along.

It'd be fair to say that faith in the once-kings of well written narrative RPG's has dipped somewhat. But, and while there's no official announcement, we would love to see a fourth instalment of Mass Effect. That is, if they can shake the looming presence of EA pushing them to release broken and incomplete games.

On the plus side, this interim between old and hypothetical new sequels, there's a whole trove of wonderful science fiction games to get into instead.

Cyberpunk hyper-violence, faithful movie franchise adaptations, both old series' and new IP's sharing the limelight. Some may be a thinking man's game against alien invaders, whilst others are purely indulgent robo-dino fantasy.

So instead of mourning the lack of Effect, let's look at a Mass of other top notch sci-fi games.

10. Alien: Isolation

deus ex human revolution

It's been almost six years since it was released, so should I really be telling you to play Alien: Isolation by now?

Apparently yes, because some people don't seem to have gotten the message.

I know movie franchise games are a bit on the hokey side, what with Colonial Marines marring the Alien name a year prior. But fear not, Isolation redeems itself immensely.

It stays true to the terrifying nature of the alien force laid out in the first film. No gung-ho marines here, sonny Jim.

Just Amanda Ripley, a handful of weapons and tools, and her wits. Against possibly more than one Xenomorph, panicky survivors and the worst androids since, well, Ash.

Seriously, I'm more terrified of them than the alien(s).

It's a shame that Isolation didn't get the love it so rightfully deserves on release. But ignore the stench of Colonial Marines and give this a try.

If you're a fan of the only two good films in the series, then this is as faithful an Alien 1.5 story that we could have hoped to receive.

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