10 Secret Video Game Endings Hiding In Plain Sight

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Game designers love to include easter eggs and secrets in their games, either to reward curious players or to throw them off with silly and unexpected shenanigans.

Some secrets are meant to be taken as non-canonical jokes; some can actually impact your view of the main story in a pretty major way. The best examples of this dichotomy are secret endings, which cannot be achieved by simply finishing the game and tend to reward the player with an alternative conclusion to the story.

Secret endings are meant to be hard to achieve. They either require the player to dig deep into the game's data or demand that they take on a series of impossible challenges.

However, there are a few games that keep their secret endings relatively simple. The only reason that the player is unaware of their existence is because they are too preoccupied with everything else that is happening in the game. All it takes is a moment to pull yourself out of the game's story to realize these endings are hiding in plain sight.

Once you find them, you'll be positively surprised at what the developers have prepared for those who have learned to think outside the box and relax.

10. Take The Pink Pill (We Happy Few)

Detroit become human
Compulsion Games

We Happy Few is a highly atmospheric action/adventure game about a group of people trying to escape a dystopian society where the excessive use of hallucinogenic drugs has turned people into blissful yet easily manipulated puppets of the government.

The game has a secret ending which can be achieved within the first scene of the game. The options pop up when the main character, Arthur, sees an image of his brother, which brings back bad memories and causes the drugs to lose their effect.

If the player chooses to retake the Joy pill, Arthur become blissfully ignorant and returns to his editorial work as though nothing has happened. Shortly after, the credits roll, and the player has essentially reached the end of the story, as without Arthur's moment of sobriety, he doesn't have a reason to rebel against his town, effectively preventing the entirety of the game's story from taking place.

The ending has remained a secret simply because the option goes against what the players know about the game's world. Since we aren't residents of Wellington Wells, we know the Joy pills are dangerous and don't want to take them. Even though the offer is (quite literally) on the table.


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