10 Secret Video Game Endings Hiding In Plain Sight

9. Get Killed For Slacking (Shenmue)

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Shenmue is one of the most interesting games released for the Dreamcast. In the game the player can choose to indulge in a variety of mundane but fun activities, such going to the arcade and collecting toys. The amount of distractions in the game is so great in fact, that some players may forget their job is actually about to search for the man who killed the protagonist's father. If this happens to be the case, their days of buying toys and raffle tickets may unexpectedly come to an end.

The game has an undisclosed end date which, when reached, will activate the cutscene of a secret, bad ending. The main character Ryo will awake in his home to find Lan Di, the man he was searching for, standing right in front of him. Ryo will attempt to fight Lan Di, but quickly fall to his superior skill, and then the credits roll.

Despite the bad ending making sense within the context of the game, many players had no idea this could happen, as it actually takes a lot of time to reach the deadline. The ones who experienced it were most likely spending too much time hanging out at the arcade.


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