10 Secret Ways Video Games Totally Waste Your Time

How games are designed to steal your time.

Square Enix

Though some might argue that video games are themselves a colossal waste of time, games at their best can be a relaxing and enriching past-time which offers up experiences that no other medium can.

And then there are those games that absolutely, unequivocally have no respect at all for your free time.

In 2020, we as consumers have so many entertainment options available to us - thousands of movies and TV shows available at our finger-tips, and more quality video games than ever before.

And so, players may find themselves becoming increasingly impatient when developers pad their games out with blatant, wildly unnecessary bloat.

In an industry obsessed with justifying that premium AAA price tag, it's extremely common for even the best video games to pad themselves out with additional mechanics, animations, and artificial brick-walls to impede players' speedy progress.

Because developers are desperate to fill their games with "content" at any cost, they typically make aggressive use of these underhanded tactics to keep you tethered to your controller longer than you'd probably like.

Not all wasted time is a bad thing, but in the case of these 10 examples, it's absolutely in the service of tedious busy-work...


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