10 Secret Ways Video Games Totally Waste Your Time

9. Intentionally Clumsy Controls

secret ways of video games

There's a lot to be said for games which allow you to navigate their world with a snappy fluidity: the wonderfully dynamic traversal in the recent The Last of Us Part II is an outstanding example of that, for one.

But sometimes, in a misguided quest to forge "realistic" gameplay, games go in the totally opposite direction, forcing players to deal with a slow, lumbering character whose wading-through-treacle movements become a genuine chore to deal with.

There is no better example of this than Red Dead Redemption 2, a game designed to make players feel the enormity of even the smallest movement, often to its detriment.

This is especially frustrating when navigating building interiors, whereby the ludicrously fiddly controls can make you get caught on objects or turned around entirely, ensuring even the most basic action feels like a bit of a chore.

With the game clocking in at a beefy 30+ hours, it's fair to say that a decent fraction of that play-time is a result of the wilfully sluggish, molasses-slow movement and controls.


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