10 Serious Video Games With INCREDIBLY Silly Moments

Now put on the Santa outfit, and let's hunt some monsters.

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Quantic Dream

As strange as it may sound, many video games have a huge issue with taking themselves too seriously. It can be hard not to roll your eyes when a game contains wall to wall grim moments, with nothing remotely light to balance it out.

But for every game that expects you to scowl your way through, there's one that knows you need a laugh along the way. Even some franchises with incredibly dark tones have hilarious moments placed within, even if it's just so the most disturbing parts hit harder after those chuckles from before.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are games that accidentally have silly moments, adding an unexpected spot of light where nobody intended it to be.

These can actually feel even sillier, because you know you're laughing at something that really shouldn't be funny - which makes it even better, because fate itself has dropped you a spot of banter.

Not every game needs to be laugh-out-loud funny, but they do have to know when to pull their punches. Or, in this case, bring you to fish costume.

So slap on some fins, and have a nice chuckle - you've earned it.

10. The Wild Wasteland Perk - Fallout: New Vegas

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Obsidian Entertainment

Now, it's worth saying from the offset that Fallout is a funny series. However, the comedy usually has a pretty grim tone - featuring cannibalism, countless murders, and anything else that makes for a perfect spot of dark humour.

Should you choose to take the Wild Wasteland perk when you level up, though, things will quickly become much more ridiculous. The trait unlocks random crazy encounters that you can experience throughout your game, and then have fever dreams about for the rest of your life.

And the sheer wildness of these encounters cannot be overstated. You can meet gnomes, aliens, and a pet Deathclaw amongst your adventures, as well as a half a dozen other unbelievable experiences. It's clear that the creative team had an absolute blast putting all this stuff together, which just makes everything all the sweeter.

If you intend to be travelling a decent distance in the game, it's very much worth getting this particular skill, as it makes what can often be a slightly dull stroll through a beige wasteland into something far, far more interesting. Also you might get an alien's gun - which is both a fun brag, and one of the best weapons in the game.

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