10 Seriously Twisted Quests In Video Games

Cyberpunk 2077 GOES places.

Video games are capable of making you feel all sorts of things. Elated, surprised, depressed, or completely and utterly creeped out.

Today we’re focussing on the video game quests that truly disturbed us. The video game industry is huge right now meaning there are more games than ever and those games are taking us to places that we’ve never been before and depending on how squeamish you are, they might be places you didn’t necessarily want to go.

For the rest of us who love a bit of nastiness in our video games, these quests are frankly stunning.

Albeit a little stomach churning and likely to keep you up at night.


10. Sinnerman - Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 sinnerman
CD Projekt RED

Spoiler alert, you’ll be seeing a lot of CD Projekt Red entries on this list because for some reason nobody does horrifically messed up quests quite like they do.

Cyberpunk 2077 in particular is a playground for all kinds of disturbing side missions and one of the most notable is unfortunately extremely missable. You’ll have no problem finding this quest but it continues to give you opportunities to nope out of it so there’s a chance you won’t see it through to its conclusion which would be a shame because it really goes places. You’ll run into one of Night City’s most colourful characters on a routine escort to help a guy get revenge. Things go sideways and the guy you’re supposed to be helping gets shot but into your life walks Joshua, a death row inmate being accompanied by a film executive and an officer.

Joshua is after redemption for doing a lot of murdering and he’s decided he wants to be literally crucified.

Night City being awful has enabled this and the aforementioned exec wants to get it on camera. You’re given a multitude of opportunities to nope out but stick with this one to the bitter end and Joshua will ask you to nail him to the cross. You do so, if you want to, watch him be hoisted up, and witness his final moments.


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