10 Shocking Times Older Wrestling Games Did Graphics Better

It turns out THQ's artists weren't so bad after all...

WWE 2K20
2K Games

Screenshots of the upcoming WWE 2K20 show it's a bit of a mixed bag visually. Some wrestlers, like Roman Reigns above, look resplendent, and it's obvious that 2K's team put a lot of effort into crafting his model. Others, well, others range from solid to downright ugly. Still, it'd be easy to think newer means better when it comes to graphics generally.

Not so fast.

These examples all look at older pro wrestling video games that did it better than those that followed them years later. It's a scathing visual commentary on how game developers can occasionally half-arse character models and leave gamers feeling ripped off or unsatisfied by what they're playing. For most, you'd need an imagination to rival Ofelia's from Pan's Labyrinth to make them passable.

Worse, a few came from the same team that had worked their magic previously. Prepare to recoil in horror at a cast of fiendish faces so foul they'd give Bray Wyatt's new gimmick nightmares. Even his twisted dreams couldn't rival those of the sorry saps who had to pay for this criminal lack of effort...


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