10 Simple Ways Rockstar Could Ruin GTA 6

Rockstar's biggest challenge? Handling a female protagonist sensitively.

Rockstar Games

There will be in-game carnage at every turn, spoonfuls of frat-boy humour and dick jokes in the writing, plenty of side missions to whittle away the hours in between main missions and a lot of hype before it's released. Yes, GTA 6 will be the talk of the town when it lands on shelves somewhere between now and 2020.

One thing Rockstar, the fine folks who have turned Grand Theft Auto into the gaming juggernaut it is today, must be wary of is too much build up. It's not the only potential stumbling block either. Whilst GTA 6 is likely to be a frenzied, fun sandbox of crime, comedy and occasional political satire, it could be a disaster if Rockstar don't keep striving for perfection.

That's important. Without full focus on improving the game overall, simple mistakes may lead to GTA 6 stuttering out of the starting gate.

Will it be oodles of fun? Probably, but this is a vital time for Rockstar. GTA 5 did so many things right and took the series on leaps and bounds in some departments (multiple protagonists for one). 6 better follow suit and up the ante...

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