10 Single-Player Star Wars Games EA MUST Make After Jedi: Fallen Order

10. Rogue Squadron Legacy


Less of a sequel and more of a reboot, an EA-helmed Rogue Squadron would top of most fans’ wish lists.

Using the GameCube classics RS2: Rogue Leader and RS3: Rebel Strike as reference points and re-purposing the engine and assets from Battlefront 2, a full blown space combat game on current or (more likely) next gen systems would be eye-wateringly beautiful.

The starfighter sections in Battlefront 2 are, whilst admittedly a little shallow, magnificent to behold and the prospect of a full 20-30 hour campaign at the controls of the Millennium Falcon or Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer is an enticing one to say the least.

EA could even look to the likes of No Man’s Sky and Starlink: Battle For Atlas for inspiration, as these games are the closest thing we’ve had to a classic Star Wars-style flight game in years.

With 4k graphics running at 60fps, with perhaps some additional VR modes thrown in for good measure and the return of split screen multi player for couch co-op dogfights away from the main campaign, a new Rogue Squadron game should definitely be at the forefront of EA’s plans for the Star Wars licence.

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